CORE C2 Complete Skateboard

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Size: 7,75'


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The CORE C2 is your skateboard for street and flips. This CORE skateboard will be a great companion in your first encounters with the skate world. Buying a complete board is making sure that you get great value for the money spent and the best part - you don't even need to assemble it yourself.

  • Deep concave board providing you with high responsibility and making it easy to pull out those flip tricks
  • Medium sized wheels with a diameter of 54mm for an all-around use, no matter if you want to go for the streets or the skate park
  • Hard wheels in 100A to land your tricks solidly and perfect for powerslides
  • The deck width of 7.75" is a good all-rounder that supports you the best if you want to play in all disciplines of skateboarding
Deck width:7.75" (19.7cm)
Deck length:31" (78.7cm)
Deck material:Maple, 7-ply
Deck features:Double kicktail, standard popsicle shape
Wheel diameter:54mm
Wheel width:36mm
Wheel hardness:100A
Wheel material:PU casted
Bearing precision:ABEC-7
Truck type:Standard kingpin, Standard hanger
Hanger width:127mm (5")
Axle Width:7.75"
Max rider weight:100kg

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