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Flotation/Impact Protection


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From the most experienced athletes to beginner riders, the Defender Vest provides superior impact protection, giving everyone the confidence to push the limits on the water. Incredibly comfortable, this true wakestyle shape features a soft neoprene lining and strategically placed padded impact zones—adding both protection and flotation for peace of mind. The ergonomic body structure, large armholes and quad stretch grant full range of motion, so you can take your session to the next level.



  • Quad Stretch = Strategically placed material that allows the back to move freely while increasing your range of motion in all directions
  • Ergonomic Body Structure = Accommodates waist harness
  • Triple-density Impact Diffuser = Superior protection


  • Soft Neoprene Lining on Interior & Around Edges
  • Strong Front Zipper = Heavy duty
  • Oversized & Comfortable Secure Zipper Closure

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