Sumažinta kaina! TORQUE ATB 50 CONTROL SYSTEM Padidinti

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Renewed Naish Torque kitesurf bar with single handed click-in chickenloop

The Naish Torque 2 bar has received some nice upgrades compared to the previous Torque bar. Due to the upgrades, the new Torque 2 bar from Naish is back to today's standards. Also is the Torque 2 bar from Naish fully ISO certified and therefore super safe.

The largest and most notable upgrade of the Naish Torque 2 bar is the updated single handed reload click-in safety system. It system works with a push away quick release. After that you can easily put the chickenloop back in the QR with one hand to activate the safety system complete again, ''click'' and you are ready to go again!

A another upgrade is the depower line. The Naish Torque 2 depower line consists of a depower line that has been given a PU coating. In addition, there is another safety line through the PU part of the Torque bar. The Torque 2 bar itself is adjustable and available in two different sizes: 45 + 50 and 50 + 55 centimeters. The Also new is the 24 meter line which is now divided into a 22 meter section with a 2 meter extension. The depower of the Torque 2 ATB bar works just like you do with the ATB bar are used to having a clam cleat above the bar.


  • Naish Torque 2 S26 bar
  • New single handed reload QR system
  • New PU depower line
  • New 22+2 lines
  • Swivel
  • Including short safety leash

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