NKX Blade Performance Freeride Kite

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Sizes: 7 m  / 8 m / 9 m / 10 m / 11 m / 12 m / 15 m


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NKX Blade kite is an incredibly stable kite in the air. The stability of the kite helps to give full control over the kite.

The Blade kite is a really good kite for developing skills in big air and freestyle. The kite's design provides a smaller turning radius, giving you a very high level of comfort and a slight lift before landing, for a much softer landing.
The control on the kite is very instant and therefore provides a much more balanced control in the air.
The NKX Blade kite provides a longer time in the air and provides good buoyancy from the water, making it easier to do air tricks.
The kite's aerodynamic shape helps to provide an extremely high level of comfort and feeling with the kite. The kite's leading edge helps to optimize stability and makes it easier to maneuver.
With a TEIJIN Triple ripstop layer and a Dacron frame, the overall structure of the kite is strong and rigid. Dacron, an extremely light reinforcement material, contributes to firmness and good pressure resistance.
Thanks to the pump and quick valve functions, it will be quick and easy to inflate the kite and empty it again. The bag is a good size and can be used as a backpack.

Blade is the perfect all-rounder and super responsive NKX kite with speed in mind, and the strength to meet all the elements of your next sessions.

YEAR2023LEVELBeginner, Intermediate And Professional
PUMP SYSTEMOne PumpSIZE7 m  / 8 m / 9 m / 10 m / 11 m / 12 m / 15 m

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