NKX Bullit Wing

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NKX Bullit Wing


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The Bullit wing is a high quality wing. It has been made of some of the best materials with a very well thought out design. The wing therefore provides a real quality experience out on the water.

Bullit is a really good wing for all levels and is amazing for freeride and in waves. This wing provides an opportunity to develop both as a beginner, as well as a professional and experienced. It comes in several different sizes, therefore it fits many types of wind and weather. The shape of the wing helps to provide a balanced speed and effect. The shape helps to give the wing a lot of stability. The shape contributes to a more efficient and precise control out on the water and stability in waves. The wing is also stiff and is therefore more responsive, as you can more easily control speed and buoyancy.

The wing is designed with a very efficient and smart one-pump system, which makes it easy to inflate and deflate after use. The tips of the wing are reinforced with a PVC layer, so they last much longer.

The wing is designed with several handles on the wing's center strut, which makes it easier to maneuver and gives you a better feeling of the wing's forces. The handles on the leading edge and the center strut are designed as comfortable as possible to allow you to use it for extended periods of time. The handles are positioned so that they provide the best possible control and comfort.

The material from which the wing is made is Japanese Teijin T96008 triple ripstop canopy and dacron. The material is high quality and makes the wing extra durable. The high strength of the wing provides a better surfing experience, as well as protects it from cracking.

The wing comes with a bag that can be used for storage and transport, which makes it easier to take between different surf spots. The package also includes a high-quality and efficient pump, which makes it easier to inflate the wing.

The NKX Bullit Wing has been thoroughly tested by NKX's pro team and developed for many different sailings. Beginners will be able to count on stability, performance and a safe, light and responsive feeling. For more advanced surfers, this reliable and versatile wing has great potential for improvement in a wide range of tricks.

The wind ranges are expressed in knots (kts), and the sizes in actual square meters (m2).
The wind range is an indication for a rider weighting 75 kg. Wind range varies according to each rider. It depends on:
- Rider’s level
- Rider’s weight
- Type of board used: SUP, SUP foil or Surf foil

*Note that the table is for guidance only.

Size:2,8 m4,2 m5 m6 m
Wind range:16<30 kts12<26 kts10<24 kts06<18 kts

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