NKX Team Freestyle Kiteboard

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NKX Team Freestyle Kiteboard


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The NKX Team Kiteboard is a board designed for freestyle, and therefore also suitable for wakeboard bindings. This kiteboard has a double concave which gives a better grip in water. This can be clearly felt when you land your tricks, the water will flow out through the channels and you will therefore have more control in the landing.

This kiteboard's construction consists of several layers of fiberglass and a strong wooden core. Due to the very strong construction, this kiteboard is a little heavier than ordinary freeride kiteboards, so this kiteboard is not suitable for beginners, but instead is the perfect choice for those who want to start learning kitesurfing freestyle or those who have done it In many years.
The board can also be used for wakeboarding after the boat, but also in the park.

The NKX Team Kiteboard comes with 52mm G10 fins, which are the best quality of fins in kitesurfing. It is a must for a good kiteboard that good fins are also included.

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