Pivot NVision 2024

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Naish Pivot N-Vision 2024 Kite


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Naish Pivot N-Vision 2024 Kite

The Naish Pivot in NVision Aluula construction

The latest addition to the Naish kite line-up is the Naish Pivot NVision kite. N-Vision is a new design concept from Naish in which only the best performing materials are used to make a kite or board, and, as Naish puts it: this is where innovation and adventure come together. We have of known the Naish Pivot for some time, but this new Pivot NVision really comes from another planet in terms of performance!

In the Naish Pivot NVision, Naish's super strong QuadTex® ripstop fabric is combined with super light, high performance Aluula material. Resulting in the most high performance Naish Pivot ever: the Pivot N-Vision. The Pivot in NVision is faster, lighter and more direct than ever. More lift, easier kiteloops, more hangtime and a larger wind range. But how is that possible? How does the NVision differ from the standard Naish Pivot kite ?

Where the standard Pivot uses standard dacron in the Pivot NVision this has been replaced by stiffer and lightweight Aluula. This means that the strut and leading edge material is now 50% lighter by replacing it with Aluula. In addition, the excess dacron material has been reduced to a minimum to save weight. The seams on the LE are extra reinforced with Aramid patches. The trailing edge is made of a double-stitched QuadTex ripstop layer to prevent flutter and maintain the lightest possible construction.
Just like the standard Pivot, the NVision also has the new Swift tip design, lightweight bridles and the Radial Segmented Arc design. This makes the Naish Pivot NVision super suitable for massive big air and huge kiteloops. What you mainly notice is that the NVision Pivot climbs up a lot faster than a normal Pivot in the kite loop.

Does the new Naish Pivot NVision seem like your ideal next kite? Be sure to check out our video of the Pivot in Nvision construction at the bottom of this page.

Specifications Naish Pivot NVision 2024 Kite

  • Naish Pivot Nvision kite
  • Super High performance Freeride| BigAir
  • Aluula Frame
  • QuadTex cloth
  • Three strut design
  • New Swift Tips
  • Aerodynamic Bridles
  • 2-Ply QuadTex Trailing edge
  • Diagonal Load Seam

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