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Low Profile/High Support

Sizes: XXS (26”–28”), XS (28”–30”), S (30”–32”), M (32”–34”), L (34”–36”), XL (36”–38”)


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Developed for riders seeking a low-profile harness with a wide range of motion, the Boss provides supreme mobility without sacrificing support or style. Featuring a double layer of pre-shaped PE backplates and 3D shaping, these additions help spread the load throughout the structure, reducing pull from exaggerated movements. The minimalist, compact shape eliminates constraints, opening riders up to move naturally and freely. The spreader bar features an ergonomic memory foam pad with extensions that insert into the sides of the harness and lock the bar into place. In addition, the Boss features a dual tension belt to help minimize any ride-up—even after long sessions, while soft, rounded edges reduce strain on pressure points.


  • Heavy-duty Handle Pass Leash = A PU-coated line runs across the back of the harness to attach your leash to
  • Low Profile Memory Foam Bar Pad = Contoured shape & memory foam for heightened comfort
  • 3D-fit Technology = Ergonomically curved in the molding process with horizontal & vertical seam shapes to follow the shape of your body for maximum support & comfort
  • Low Back Shape = Narrower profile for a lighter feel & increased range of motion. An ideal fit for smaller riders
  • Locked-in Bar Pad = The bar pad features extensions that insert into the sides of the harness to help lock it into place. This prevents it from moving up while riding
  • Load-spreading Structure = Internal and external structural elements help spread the load throughout the entire harness.
  • Contoured Side Shape = A curved fit in the hip area eliminates excess fabric to increase the rider’s lateral movement


  • Neoprene Buckle Covers = Soft neoprene covers over buckles prevent lines from snagging
  • Dual Tension Belt = Dual elastic abdominal belts provide two levels of tensioning for a perfect fit and wide range of adjustment
  • Double Spreader Bar Straps = Two straps on each side secures the bar from riding up during use
  • Soft Rounded Edges = All Naish harnesses have soft rounded edges with padding for essential comfort
  • Memory Foam Bar Pad = Contoured shape and memory foam for heightened comfort
  • Click-in Spreader Bar = Click-in technology is utilized to keep the bar in place at all times and to allow easy in/out (available as a spare part)

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