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Women’s Fit

Sizes: XS (26”–28”), S (28”–30”), M (30”–32”), L (32”–34”)


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Designed to fit and form to a woman’s curves, the Alana was made for ladies who rip. Featuring 3D-fit technology and a cushioned, molded shell this harness is customized for support and stability in all the key areas. With a narrower profile for a lighter feel and increased range of motion, the Alana is an ideal fit for smaller riders while retaining the strength and performance of our other full-sized harnesses. The locked-in bar pad stays securely in place with double spreader bar straps and extensions that tuck into the sides of the harness.


  • Heavy-duty Handle Pass Leash = A PU-coated line runs across the back of the harness to attach your leash to
  • Low Profile Memory Foam Bar Pad = Contoured shape & memory foam for heightened comfort
  • 3D-fit Technology = Ergonomically curved in the molding process with horizontal & vertical seam shapes to follow the shape of your body for maximum support & comfort
  • Low Back Shape = Narrower profile for a lighter feel & increased range of motion. An ideal fit for smaller riders
  • Locked-in Bar Pad = The bar pad features extensions that insert into the sides of the harness to help lock it into place. This prevents it from moving up while riding
  • Load-spreading Structure = Internal and external structural elements help spread the load throughout the entire harness
  • Contoured Side Shape = A curved fit in the hip area eliminates excess fabric to increase the rider’s lateral movement


  • Load Distributing Molded Shell = A lightweight, single load-spreading truss structure that minimizes material use while providing maximum strength
  • Dual Tension Belt = Dual elastic abdominal belts provide two levels of tensioning for a perfect fit and wide range of adjustment
  • Soft Rounded Edges = All Naish harnesses have soft rounded edges with padding for essential comfort
  • Neoprene Buckle Covers = Soft neoprene covers over buckles prevent lines from snagging
  • Memory Foam Bar Pad = Contoured shape and memory foam for heightened comfort
  • Click-in Spreader Bar = Click-in technology is utilized to keep the bar in place at all times and to allow easy in/out (available as a spare part)
  • Double Spreader Bar Straps = Two straps on each side secures the bar from riding up during use

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