Holla PRO 140x42

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Holla PRO 140x42


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NKX Holla Pro Carbon Freeride / Big Air Kiteboard

The NKX Holla Carbon Kiteboard is the deluxe model of the original NKX Holla Kiteboard. With these layers of carbon, the board achieves a stronger construction, as well as much more stiffness. This is perfect for those who want a stiff carbon kiteboard that can really boost your jumps even higher!
This kiteboard's construction is made of several layers of fiberglass and carbon as well as a strong wooden core. This lightness allows you to jump even higher. The kiteboard has a medium rocker profile and several layers of carbon, which gives the kiteboard good stiffness.
NKX Holla Pro Carbon has a thin rail 360 degrees around the kiteboard, which gives a better grip in the water when you kitesurf. This rail provides a good grip in the water, so you get a more controlled launch in your jumps, and also have an easier time kitesurfing upwind.

52mm G10 fins are included with the NKX Holla Carbon Kiteboard. These fins are the best quality available for kiteboards and nothing less can do it for this Carbon Pro kiteboard. These fins also help to give you even greater joy when you kitesurf with the NKX Holla Pro Carbon kiteboard.

TYPETwintipSTYLEFreeride, Freestyle
LENGTH140 cmWIDTH42 cm

Carbon / Fiberglass / Wood core




80-110 kg

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